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Strategos™ - Strategy & Management was founded in 1989, aiming to create value through comprising solutions to demands, problems or challenges relative to corporate management transformation. Over the years the founders - Telmo Schoeler and Maia Francisca Lannes - brought on board new partners and associates, always within the exclusive profile of professionals carrying a relevant formal and updated educational background in addition to a large executive experience in command and decision positions.


This exclusively senior operating model has been the necessary basis for the execution of our business: "Strategy and transformation of companies for value creation".


Management solutions are developed from a holistic approach of the company, i.e. perceiving it as na entity that has to be seen, analyzed and conducted as a whole. Corporate success or failure has always financial consequences with the causes arising interdependently from the several organization dimensions. Therefore, any corrective action must be preceded by a guiding strategy as well as the consideration of governance, strategic, organizational, operating, shareholding and capital structure, succession, people and cultural issues.


The solutions individually developed for almost 200 clients include actions and paths for growth projects, restructuring or recovery needs, professionalization / succession moves, challenges of incorporating or absorbing acquired companies, modernizing Corporate Governance, to assure sustainability and perpetuity, etc. Our focus is transformation to change performance, operations, management and governance, including the strategy for its implementation, as well as its monitoring or even its execution through interim management of the client company, always done exclusively by our own senior crew members, a procedure Strategos pioneered in Brazil and already performed in over 60 cases.


Our support is provided to companies all over the country or even abroad, from our headquarters in São Paulo or our Great Porto Alegre office, having our senior executive consulting team based in several Center and Southern states. Our operating capacity is expanded, whenever necessary by a tuned network of complementary and interdisciplinary service providers, formally associated through Orchestra™ - Soluções Empresariais (, created and led by Strategos™.


MISSION - To create value and promote corporate sustainability through shareholding, strategic, organizational, operating and Corporate Governance transformation.


VISION: To be a reference in the efficacy of development and introduction of relevant business management transformation derived from a comprehensive and holistic view and approach of companies.

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